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Ulica Vladimira Nazora 39, 10410 Velika Gorica

Welcome to Velika Gorica

POSITION: The City of Velika Gorica, located 16 km south of Zagreb. The area of the old Municipality of Velika Gorica was split into three municipalities – Kravarsko, Orle and Pokupsko. Franjo Tuđman Airport, the largest and busiest airport in Croatia, is located in the area of Velika Gorica.

HISTORY : Croats came to these parts in the 8th century and remains from early Croat culture were found in numerous places around city of Velika Gorica. Velika Gorica is first mentioned in 1228 as a seat of parish. In 1278 noblemen from Turopolje joined into a union called Plemenita opčina turopoljska (“Noble municipality of Turopolje”).

Plemenita opčina turopoljska was granted a rule over Turopolje by Croatian monarchs and exists still today with mainly ceremonial and not political role.


Main Velika Gorica’s sight is the Turopolje Museum which traces human presence in Turopolje since Neolithic. here are also a number of monuments scattered around the city and its environs. Vrata od krča (“The Timber Gate”) is a unique wooden monument to human labour, risen up in forest near the city. Monument was risen in 1779 as a symbol of reclaiming the fertile land from forest. It was torn down by the flood in 1914 and restored two years later.

Old town Lukavec is a very well preserved fortification first mentioned in 1256 as Caput Lukavec. It was built by wood as a defense from Ottoman invasion. It was first owned by Zagreb noblemen and Turopolje noblemen gained control over castle in 1553 when it already became a ruin. It was soon rebuild in stone and became a regular site of assembly of Turopolje noblemen.

Wooden chapels from Turopolje and Pokuplje are unique in the world. They can be traced far back in the early Middle Ages,
but most of the preserved ones date from the 17th century. Today there are only 11 preserved wooden chapels left, three in Turopolje, two in Vukomeričke gorice and six in Pokuplje. They were built by groups of timber-workers and as a rule they were made of oak-tree.

What’s near by our apartments

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Zagreb Airport Franjo Tuđman 1.9 km
Restaurant  Papamo 0.5 km
Cafe/bar  Liquid bar 2 km
Velika Gorica City Center 2.5 km
Market 1.3 km
Zagreb City Center 18.5 km
Zagreb Zoo 11 km
Arena Shopping Centre Zagreb 11.3 km
Botanical Garden Zagreb 11.5 km
Maksimir Park 11.8 km
Bundek City Park
8.9 km
City Centre One East
8.2 km
Archaeological Museum Zagreb
11.6 km
Contemporary Art Museum in Zagreb
8.9 km


For more information about location, please visit Tourist Board of the Velika Gorica

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